Let’s win together.

Salon Owner A

If you are a salon owner looking to get more clients, expand your service offerings, and generate a new income stream…then yes


Salon Owner B

If you are a crazy-busy business owner who barely has time to check the mail and do the banking…then NO! (But you should get one your team to understand the Trusted Partner Program so they posses the skills to help grow your business for you.)

Pair your expertise and services with our new Trusted Partner Program, and your salon can have the tools to provide popular non-surgical aesthetic treatments like Lip & Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle treatment by registered and experienced team of doctors to provide professional results to your valued clients.


The result:

Happier clients and a healthier bottom line.

As popular as ever.

19 Million

People would have a form of cosmetic enhancement 

£3.6 Billion

Is what the UK's aesthetic market is worth

What you get.

At the heart of everything we do is our uncompromising standard of values based principles set around the client, this means that we provide a level of responsible service that demands the best of us in our practice to deliver with integrity at all times, never losing sight that we do this to benefit and make a difference to others.

Access to a dedicated Bodylines Doctor (GMC registered). 

Fully Turn Key Operation that requires little or no effort to run.

Join an ethical team of medically trained registered GMC doctors that understand you and your business and get started to provide your salon customers with industry leading treatments that deliver superior results. On top of this, we want this partnership to have just as much to give, as to gain. 

Peace of mind that doctors are fully insured and compliant.

Generous rewards for every successful client referral.

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