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Helping our community to get back to a sense of normality.

Whether its sending our children back to school, creating a safer working environment, peace of mind knowing you can see family and loved ones safely or even travel. Whatever your reason we're here to help.

Who we are and why?

As a doctor led clinic, since the beginning of the pandemic our team has been on the forefront assisting the NHS within the hospitals. We believe that it is vitally important to address the continued national effort for testing by providing easier access to Covid-19 diagnosis. By working together with a UKAS accredited laboratory and using CE approved Point of Care Antibody & Antigen testing this is a positive step forward in the right direction.

Which test is right for me?

The right test depends on the goal, such as confirming an active COVID infection; asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic individuals who might be shedding the virus, or determining whether someone previously had COVID. 



Rapid Results: 15 Mins  

Sensitivity: 96.5% 

Specificity: 99.7%

Results: 24-48 Hours

Sensitivity: 97.6% 

Specificity: 100%

Rapid Results: 15 Mins  

Sensitivity: 99.0%

Specificity: 98.7%


I need a fast test result.

Rapid Antigen  -  Results within 10-15 mins


This type of diagnostic test is often referred to as "rapid test" because the turnaround time is much quicker than an PCR (RNA) test. 


From a patient's point of view, antigen testing works in much the same way as PCR testing. Your health care provider will swab the back of your nose or throat to collect a sample for testing. But instead of waiting days for your results, an antigen test can produce a result in 10-15 minutes. If you test positive, it's probably correct as these Antigen tests are highly accurate. The problem is, these tests are more likely to miss active infection which means that if you have COVID symptoms but test negative, you may require a PCR test just to rule out a false negative.


This antigen test and results can be performed and received within minutes at the clinic meaning you don't have to travel to a laboratory or hospital for testing nor do you have to wait days for the answer.

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I want a lab 

test result.

Realtime PCR Test  -  Results within 24-48 Hours


These diagnostic tests are considered the most sensitive for detecting an active infection, and the results are highly accurate. You may consider taking one if you or your doctor suspect you have COVID. You might also be asked to take this type of test if you need to prove to your employer or your school/college that you are not currently infected prior to returning to work or education. Additionally it is a legal requirement to be tested and provide the validation in order to travel and also to reduce your self isolation period on your arrival into the UK.


A health care provider will collect mucus from your nose or throat using a specialised swab.  Polymerase Chain Reaction called PCR tests for short, is actually the laboratory technique used to detect the virus's genetic material. Due to the analysis work involved in this test the turnaround time is therefore around two days from the time the sample is received at the laboratory.


Our tests use a nasopharyngeal swab (the one that goes deep into your nose to the back of your throat) which are the same as the ones used by the NHS. 


I need to


Realtime PCR Test  -  Results within 24-48 Hours


Even when travel is possible it's very likely that many nations will require UK arrivals to take either a PCR or antigen COVID-19 test as a condition of entry to the country.


The testing guidance for travel continues to be subject to the greatest ongoing changes as the UK and international demand for containing the spread increases. There are new laws rules and guidelines that have been enforced and it is essential that you check the government guidelines before travelling in order to avoid fines or penalties.


In the UK the requirements are that the test must meet standards of 97% specificity, 80% sensitivity at viral loads above 100,000 copies/ml. Therefore, in most cases the PCR test will be widely accepted as proof of a negative test together with an official certificate by the clinic. However each country may have it's own preferred test type and it is your responsibility to provide one that meets these standards. The FCDO travel advice pages may offer help alternatively you can contact nearest consulate, embassy or high commission.


Time will also need to be factored in your travel plan as tests will be required before your outward or inbound journey.


Here is the latest information (correct at the time of publishing 20 February 2021)


Always check the latest requirements for your destination before travelling. If you opt for a test on arrival, where available, you'll have to quarantine until you get your result.

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I think I've had

the virus before.

Antibody test  -  Results within 24-48 Hours


This test looks for antibodies to the coronavirus. Antibodies are proteins your immune system produces to fight off a foreign invader, such as a virus. A COVID-19 antibody test cannot diagnose active coronavirus infection. What it tells you is whether you've been infected at some point in the past, even if that occurred up to 3 months ago. Antibodies do not become detectable until at least several days after an infection has started.


Another reason to take this test is if you've been experiencing any of the long-term symptoms that just won't go away such as fatigue, cough, trouble breathing, headache, extreme fatigue and flu like symptoms. 


The test is performed by a health care professional, who will take a blood sample via a finger prick. The test is performed at the clinic, making it possible to get an answer within 15 minutes using blood from the fingertip.


Antibody testing isn't recommended until at least 3 weeks after the start of symptoms. If you test too early (while your immune system is still mounting its defence) it may not provide an accurate result. 


Make a booking.

Things to note

  1. Complete an online booking form to attend our clinic and select the test and time which is right for you. You will receive a link to provide specific information required for your test.

  2. Attend the clinic appointment be seen and consented. The test will then be administered  accurately by one of our doctors, your sample will then be sent securely to the laboratory.

  3. You will then receive a message to view or download your results from your Patient Record. We’ll let you know as soon as they are ready by email or text.
    Results are available an estimated 2 working days from when our laboratory has received your sample. This timeline is an estimate and it could take longer to receive your results.


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If you are aware of anyone seeking a test without online access or do not have an email address, please call our helpline on 020 3189 1901 for assistance with booking.